Friday, September 11, 2015

White Raven/Black Raven: Mind Postcards and UFOs

I don't recall having the vivid "mind postcards" pre-UFO events. Or I should say, pre-orange orb sighting - - I've had UFO related episodes all my life. Who knows if these mind postcards, as I call them, have anything at all to do with the energies surrounding manifestations of UFOs. Lately I've been trying to remember events post orange orb sighting, to see if there is a connection between psychic or precognitive experiences, apparitions, dreams, synchronicities and my UFO sightings, particularly the orange orb one.

Mind post cards: it's the term I give to those vivid, detailed and abrupt pictures that just are popped into my head. Usually when I'm awake, or in a relaxed state. Sometimes they turn from a mere image to a full out scene, other times it's just a picture. These mind postcards share a suddenness, as well as an otherness -- they didn't come from me. Sometimes I hear a "click" type sound as the pop in.

The most vivid one I've had is the Warty Green Man scene, which I've written about in the past. This happened about a year after the orange orb sighting.

This morning, awake in bed, but keeping my eyes closed (just not ready to get up) I was having the usual random light show we all have when we close our eyes. I wasn't thinking of anything in particular. Suddenly, a distinct and vivid image of a White Raven appeared. Just from nowhere. (Often these things -- like ghostly voices, communications during meditations, etc. come from my upper left. Whether this means anything or not I don't know.) I was startled at his image, then it immediately turned black -- Black Raven. Then it disappeared.

Being a fan of Raven of course I found this very interesting.

(I also had a dream about a giant UFO last night).

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