Friday, October 9, 2015

Orange Orbs, Pink Orbs, More Orbs, Oregon Orbs

Found this, while looking for something else: World UFO Watch - World UFO wATCH - UFO NEWS. UFO ANALYSIS. UFO STORIES. UFO PHOTOGRAPHS. UFO VIDEOS, which has the report on orbs from MUFON's New Jersey field investigator Robert Spearing. (Orange Orb Appearances and Behaviors, June 10, 2015)

Interesting for the similarities to my orange orb encounter in Eugene, Oregon years ago.
More interesting was the description of the orb itself.  It was an orange churning ball of gas surrounded by an almost invisible membrane that was shaped like a bell or a jellyfish.  The membrane was eight feet tall by five feet wide.   The interior glow occupied about two thirds of the bell. (MUFON, World UFO Watch)
The orb I saw had this same feature. I've never called it a "membrane" but there was a halo type effect surrounding the orange orb. Appeared more "solid" and darker in the center, slight glow around the edges. Lit from within.

Also, the witness said the orb "retreated" and went up into the trees when she screamed, which suggests the orb was sentient, or, controlled by something sentient. My orb demonstrated the similar behavior of being aware of my presence, and reacting to it.

Other orbs of various colors in this article, pink, for example.

And here's something, something I can't believe I've missed all these years. My Orange Orb sighting took place decades ago in Oregon. I couldn't find much, if anything, in way of similar sightings to mine back then. But the article from World UFO Watch references a sighting of an Orange Orb in 1967 -- in Oregon!

In journalist  Frank Edwards’ last book “Flying Saucers Here and Now” written in 1967 shortly before his untimely and somewhat mysterious demise, he recounts a February 16, 1967 account on  page 179 where Mrs. Esther Millard of Bandon, Oregon related a close encounter with an Orange Orb where she quite plainly saw the outline of a rectangle around the orb at 10:20 pm. A rectangular membrane?  (World UFO Watch)
Of course, the article mentions MUFON's Terry Ray, author of The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs, which I have not yet read, but naturally am looking forward to reading this book.

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