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Tiny Elephant Synchronicity, Liminality, and the UFO Cabal

On a train, at night, looking up at the wide starry sky. A man starts up a conversation with me; at first, he seems all right -- we're discussing UFOs. But then it becomes clear he's a troll, a debunker a skeptioid of the worst kind. Coincidentally, as he's droning on about how there are no such things as UFOs, I look up in the sky, and see a UFO! What appeared to be a large and brilliant star shoots across the sky, to my right, and then stops. A few seconds later it zooms off to the left, then stops for a moment before shooting downwards and stopping. Then it moves, very fast, straight up into the sky.
When I mention this to Mr. Obnoxious he snorts and says "Oh, bullshit! I call bullshit on that!!!!"
I say "There's only one reason why you'd say my story is bullshit. You think I"m lying. And if you think I'm lying then have the honesty to tell me you think I'm a liar to my face."
Mr. Obnoxious: "Oh, no … " he tries to back up a little. "I only meant…"
Me: "You only meant that, I'm probably lying, but if I'm not, then I mistook a natural phenomena for an alien spacecraft."
Mr. O: "Well, why, er, yes, of course…"
Me: "I never said it was an alien spacecraft, I simply said it was a UFO."
Oh that baffled the fuck out of him.
I arrive home. A few co-workers (I work in a school) and old professors of mine from when I went to college are there. Turns out they're a shadow government  group working to prove UFOs exist -- or at least keep them from getting annihilated from the other shadow government group that's working to keep us from working against them. Oy.
It all has to do with bits of gold in the soil on a large mountain, aliens and UFOs within the earth at this mountain, and government technology hidden inside the mountain.
As we're climbing this mountain of rich black dirt full of gold flecks, I find a tiny elephant. A living, breathing elephant, only it fits in the palm of my hand. It's luminous and white and almost see through. I also find Siamese twin fawns joined at the sides. They too are luminous and winged as well. And small, like the elephant. I love these beings and want to take care of them. I am very concerned about them; I'm not sure if they'll survive here. They aren't from here. They have something to do with the UFO Cabal and I have to threaten to kill the animals if the UFO Cabal doesn't leave us alone. Of course I have no intention of killing the animals but I'm bluffing.

When I told Jim this dream he said: "I had a dream that I was holding a tiny elephant the other night." No UFOs, that he recalls, but still, a synchronicity.

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What do elephants mean in dreams? One interpretation, according to DreamsCloud:
"Dreaming of elephants may represent your memory in general or a specific, perhaps repressed, memory that may be trying to emerge from your unconscious; may be referencing something from your past that you keep remembering or bringing up and which you need to release or let go as it no longer applies to the present."
"Dreaming about Elephants may be an indication that you need to remember something or is reminding you not to forget something important; may represent someone big and powerful; or something big you are dealing with in waking life."
Deer dreams are considered favorable and lucky to have. These can denote the pure character and several future elements. In ancient times, people used to believe them as messengers of fairies which are always connected with something positive or divine. You can get the meaning by the fact that mostly the vehicles of god or celestial characters are drove by deer (Santa Claus).
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15th Century tapestry, French
UFO lore is full of witness accounts of animals appearing as guides during their experiences. Are the animals an image used by "them" to lull us, or are the animals actual animals -- are the creatures shape shifters or familiars? Not just UFO encounters but all manner of liminal experience. (Liminality being a state of standing on a threshold, the journey of a rite of passage. Anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep (1909) came up with a three stage process: separation, the liminal  period, and the reassimilation. Victor Turner brought the idea of liminality to a more popular mind set with Betwixt and Between: The Liminal Period 1967 and Liminality and Communitas (Structure and Anti-Structure, 1969.)

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