Friday, January 8, 2016

Little Coincidences of the Day

There is the imp of the perverse within me that twirls around and says things I know I probably shouldn't let it say, but what the hell. Like today, at work, a co-worker mentioned a friend of hers who is very much into conspiracies. He's always sending links to her about all kinds of "dark" things, including chemtrails, which, she told me, she never heard of before he shared his paranoid thoughts on the subject. Then I come across this link at Bigfoot Evidence: Bigfoot Evidence: Are Chemtrails Connected To Bigfoot? By the way, no editorial comment here from me on that.

So, that imp within jumped up and I told her I'm all about conspiracies, just Google me. I joked (sort of) she might decide, after looking through a few of my blogs and postings, that she doesn't want to have anything to do with me -- keep a healthy distance between us at work.

Checking out who's on Coast to Coast tonight. Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, discussing conspiracies with host Jimmy Church.

And of course, following the owls. Mike Clleland's book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Experience.  Owls are still showing up; just this morning a beautiful white owl appeared, first thing, on my Facebook page.

Gray alien faces on a young student's (3rd grade, I think it was) tee shirt today at work. Not so odd, maybe, but the ubiquitous inverted chalky alien face didn't seem like something she'd wear.

There's more; tiny moments of random connections that I mean to remember. I think "It's such a neat little synchronicity I'll remember it" but of course, I don't remember. But there they are.

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