Friday, January 1, 2016

Mislabeling at Hybrids Rising

The Hybrids Rising: Webliography Links page has an extensive list of links to UFO sites, blogs and books. Very useful. Nice site, good job with a lot of info and links. However, there is one link I'd like them to fix. I doubt they will, for a couple of reasons. One, try as I might, I could not find a contact for the site. No email address or other contact info. Two, they have this disclaimer:
Disclaimer: The following links were sourced from various individuals and websites. The HR Team is not responsible for their content, implied or otherwise. (
I understand not being responsible for the actual sites they link to, but they are responsible for the way they describe the sites and blogs they link to. They have a link to this blog -- Orange Orb -- described like this:

Regan Lee Alien Abductee 

Not The Orange Orb, or Regan Lee, UFO blogger/writer/researcher/witness, but alien abductee.  I have made it very clear through the years that I am not an alien abductee. Might be, could be, but as far as I know, not definitively. I have no consciousness memory of your classic alien abductee scenario, and so, cannot say that I am. Contactee, maybe, since I have conscious recall of communications and synchronicities, but even with that, it's . . . a complex mystery to be sure.

My wanting this cleared up might seem petty to some, but it's this very example of assumptions and labeling within UFOlogy that gets things muddled. Confused. Inaccurate. And not respecting the witness. A UFO witness, yes, I am that. An abductee? No. I do not describe myself as such, and never have.

Hopefully someone associated with Hybrids Rising will see this and relabel their link in the spirit of being accurate, clear and truthful in our mutual search for an answer within the UFO phenomena.


Mike Clelland! said...

There is nobody taking credit for "" -- it is a site without any way to contact the creators.

There is a 2 hour interview with Dr. Richard Bonenfont on Off Planet Radio:

towards the end of the interview he plugs "". he said something like "have you ever heard of ""? He then went on to praise the site.

I believe this site was created (in part) by Bonenfont because his article on cattle mutilation and the articles on this website have the same formatting.

Mike C

Regan Lee said...

thanks Mike