Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Worries, It's Just Mind Control

Guest host Jimmy Church  (Darkness Radio) made an excellent point last night on Coast to Coast. A caller made the point that he thought much of the UFO/abductee events were the experiences felt by individuals were victims of mind control. This, the caller said, was the explanation for the UFO phenomenon. Mystery solved.

I was glad to hear Church point out, very clearly, that while the mind control angle might very well be so, that doesn't explain a thing, really. And, more importantly, it is equally heinous if it is mind control. Our own government (or other human factions) glibly involved with messing with our minds for their own ends. Doesn't this bother anyone?

The same argument goes for those unidentified machines in the air. "Top secret   classified human technology." Mystery solved. Some of those black triangles might be human made machinery but if so, what the hell are they doing up there? The behavior of many of these craft/UFOs has been harmful and even fatal to individuals. If the origin of these craft are human, not alien, then that is  horrific. Not many are paying attention to this point, instead offering this as an "explanation" and end of the discussion. Really, if it is the case that humans are behind such things as mysterious craft, cattle mutilations, abductions, etc. that is extremely disturbing and absolutely worthy of follow-up and serious research.

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