Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Exploring the Orb: Missing Time, Memories and MILABS

Last night's Coast to Coast was excellent (what Coast to Coast is all about, to my mind) with guests Robert Davis, Rey Hernadez, Mary Rodwell, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley from the FREE Project. Such a simple idea! Gathering data from witnesses from around the world, and not dismissing any of it. Just letting the information speak for itself. Of course, as the guests acknowledged, whatever "they" are -- reptilians, aliens, ETs, others, Djinn, inter-dimensional, MILABS, or combinations of some -- we don't know. Maybe we'll never know.

Some of the thoughts gained from this research were very interesting. For example, the evidence points to positive experiences of "abductions" and interactions with these aliens. Host George Knapp asked about those witnesses who have had unpleasant and frightening encounters. Those experiences involved MILABS, or humans involved in the abduction event. If that is the case, then the case for human manipulated "alien abductions" is strong, as well as insidious. One idea: humans manipulating known and actual alien technology for their own severely negative purposes.

As regards to missing time, still a mystery of course. But I was inspired to revisit my own reactions concerning missing time. I remain angry at the fact missing time happened at all and more than once. Something, or someone, messed with my memory. Who, and why? And, how dare they? But what if the missing time was due to my own physiological responses to trauma, and not "their" fault at all? Or what if missing time is an unintentional side effect of whatever "they" do? Aliens don't intentionally cause missing time; it's just something that happens and can't be helped. Or, were those missing time events not alien at all, but human engineered? (MILABS.) The problem is, I have no conscious memory of either...

I have memories of something very not-quite-right going on, seeing craft, strange and frightening dreams and events in the after-math, and, missing time. No memory of "aliens" or being aboard ships (though in one case I had dreams of being paralyzed under a beam coming down from a craft) --- yet UFO connected nonetheless. Does this mean these later events (for I've had interactions with beings since childhood) were artificially induced? MILAB type events?  No memories of humans in these cases either.

Adding to my own UFO mystery, is the fact that I've had interactions with UFOs and "aliens" since early childhood. So it seems to be possible that there are absolutely "others" out there --- no doubt many types of "others" -- and sometimes, some humans manipulate these things. Watchers watching Watchers.

It's truly weird out there and there is a carnival aspect to all of this but we have to not only acknowledge this fact but find a way to positively incorporate the weird with the rest. We'll never get anywhere if we don't.

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