Monday, August 29, 2016

A Fellow Tarot Card Reader and "Maybe" Person

I recently vendored at the Eugene, Oregon Pagan Pride Day. A first for this city. Hopefully it will be an annual event. This was the first time I've read tarot cards in that setting. Amazing experience! I met many interesting individuals, and  had some profound experiences during readings. (Energy light balls, for example.)  From a practical perspective, it was a learning experience; I realized what an intense energy drain reading for the public in that setting can be. It was a good thing; I learned I can do it, want to do it, am good at it, and how to go about things in the future, in terms of price, offerings, etc.

What does this have to do with UFOs? Not so much, as far as tarot cards go -- there are a few UFO themed decks out there, but that's another post for another time.  But, the reader who had his table next to mine - we were stuck out in the boonies, away from the booths -- well. Synchronicities abound. I had never met this person before. The only thing I knew was that we had a friend in common, who was also there with his wife, selling magickal items and jewelry in their booth. Aside from that, I didn't know anything about him. I have no idea what made me say to him, after knowing him for about three minutes:  "I've had some pretty interesting encounters, including missing time…" and we were off. Turns out this person has had his own history of missing time and UFO sightings. Not only here in Oregon, but back east as well.  Strange dreams involving UFOs and aliens, seeing an alien, unexplained marks on the body following sightings and missing time …
UFO Tarot, designed by Bebie Vigna,Arturo Picca

"Chris", as I'll call him, does not think of himself as an abductee. Something I share with him, since I don't consider myself an abductee.  I found this distinction interesting as well -- usually when I meet others with UFO experiences they are either very sure they have been abducted, having clear memories of such, or, don't think of themselves as abductees.

I told Chris of Mike Clelland's book The Messengers, and what he calls the "maybe" people. The "maybe" people are those of us with all kinds of weird UFO experiences, including in many cases missing time, but having no clear memory of an alien abduction scenario.

After a few hours, Chris went his way, I went mine. I don't know if we'll meet again. What were the odds of finding myself next to someone with so many similar experiences? What made me just blurt out that I've had missing time and have encountered many UFO events, going back to childhood?


Mike Clelland! said...

Well - there you have it. You summed up one of the big challenges in this murky mess. How do you even define these things??? They seem to want to avoid being examined. I mean, the "maybe people" was just my way to make sense of the people I end up talking to. So many are "almost" on the other side of that line, the line that once crossed puts them in the "abductee" category. Ugg - it ain't easy.

But I feel the research is valid.

Why did you blurt out you had missing time to this stranger? Well, one answer would be that magical forces were at play, and you were impelled to do so by some unknown puppet master hidden in another realm! (maybe)

Regan Lee said...

Hello Mike! You do know I hope, that I love love love your book The Messengers! Yes, it was one of those experiences, full of synchronicities --- for example, I didn't know he knew those same friends of mine, I only discovered that as we were talking --

"Magical forces at play" indeed!

Unknown said...

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Regan Lee said...

Dear "unknown" we all have decks we like, and many of us have several decks. What works for one doesn't always for someone else. I would never expect another reader to use a specific deck. That's an individual choice. I've always found that we tend to move on to different decks through the years, changing and adapting our choices as we continue on this path.

Mike Clelland! said...

And - The guy's name was "Chris" and this shows up a lot too!