Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Skinwalker Ranch activity shifts from paranormal to prosecutable | News | ubmedia.biz

New item on the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. I've been fascinated by this story ever since the book came out. Was fortune enough to see George Knapp give a presentation on his experiences at the ranch at the McMinnville UFO conference a few years ago.

Among the many, many weird things -- highly weird things -- concerning this story is the involvement of Robert Bigelow. Who is a strange bedfellow indeed with MUFON and the FAA.

Anyway, illegal activity is also afoot, not just the paranormal or supernatural:

Skinwalker Ranch activity shifts from paranormal to prosecutable | News | ubmedia.biz: The road is currently gated illegally since it is a public class-D county road, but the owners seek to legitimize the gates by having the road abandoned by the county. The ranch's previous owner, hotel magnate and aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, gated the public road to deter trespassers. (ubmedia.biz)

Can't blame them I suppose, it must be very discouraging, not to mention highly annoying, to hassle with yahoo trespassers all the time.

"We just have so many problems with trespassers and people down here and vandalism, and it’s very, very scary," said the elderly woman who, with her husband, is a caretaker for the ranch. "It’s really bad and we really hate it, and we don’t want to be bothered. We’re bothered constantly, day and night." (ubmedia.biz)

It's a good article, noting that high strangeness in the area goes way back, long before the book came out. Part II will appear next week, according to the website.

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