Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coast to Coast This is More Like It, and, How I Don't Make Friends...

Tonight on Coast to Coast Shows: Linda Moultan Howe, and Rich Newman who will talk about his research on "creepy bridges."

I have been listening to Coast to Coast since the Art Bell days. Give me all the good solid old fashioned Fortean, anomalous stuff: ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, aliens, reptilians, lizard men, Sasquatch, monsters of all kinds, cryptids of all kinds, conspiracies (mainly paranormal/supernatural related), religions of a paranormal kind… all that stuff.

Politics, economics, and health, loosely tied to conspiracy and even less so to paranormal themes, not interested. Yet those subjects are the subject of Coast to Coast frequently. I'm bored! I am not interested. Give me contactees, abductees and orbs. More of the latter, much less, in fact none, of the former.

I'll accept spirits of the dead, life after death, and topics covering that realm, like dreams, but politics? How our money is worthless, Big Pharma is ruining both our health as well as our very lives? While true -- I have no argument against that -- I don't want to hear it on Coast to Coast. It's the only program on old fashioned, old school radio, of its kind. Stick to the weird, the unexplainable, the mysterious.

Oh, and don't get met started on skeptics and silly shills, like Seth-from-SETI.

While I'm at it, let's talk about George Noory. I realize I am risking some ire and if I ever am fortunate enough to see my works in print in a bona fide book form (Bigfoot from Outer Space stuff, Orange Orbs, etc.) I will not be asked to be a guest. But Noory drives me insane. I cannot stand his constant interrupting - just when a guest is into delivering a great bit of information, making an interesting point, raising a good question, along comes Noory with some inane, stupid, insipid question or comment. SERIOUSLY?! (And see what I've just done? He's made me regress to middle school speak.) He restates the guest's point in the lamest terms. Noory asks questions that the guest just addressed, as if the guest hadn't even brought the point up in the first place. My poor little transistor radio is duct taped in places; it's been thrown across the room so many times in sheer and agonizing frustration.

Many guest hosts on Coast to Coast are excellent. I realize they have a great gig and I have no idea how they truly feel about Noory. And, they might (assuming they read my blog which I realize of course, they don't, let alone know who I am) find Noory an intelligent guy and deep thinker.  But I find it intriguing I can admire and respect the likes of George Knapp, or Connie Willis, or Jimmy Church, who step in for Noory, while they make strange bed fellows indeed. I don't blame them at all, hell, if I were in their shoes, I'd do the same.

This is just my personal rant; against the non-paranormal, non-supernatural, non-weird slant Coast to Coast gives us too often. I understand the argument is something like "we try to give a broad array of subjects" and "we're not going to please everyone all the time" but I'd love to access a mainstream show that devotes itself to the weird all the time. (What I'd give to have a twenty-four hour television station devoted to UFO and paranormal topics.) (Not streaming on-line, but your every day serviceable television-on-the-TV show.)

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