Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Boring" UFO Tales: Some Kind of Other

And by "tales" I do not mean lies or fiction, but narratives, stories, witness reports. All right. Let's take the Rendlesham case. Oh hell, let's take a whole lot of UFO cases, where one take on those cases is -- there's no there there. They weren't space brothers, inner earth dwellers, flying fairy carriages, or anything supernatural. Okay. But they were something. Let's agree that they weren't any of those things. But again; they were something. 

Discarding the debunker explanations: owls, hallucinations, mistaken whatevers, the uneducated masses misinterpreting mundane events, we're left with pretty much two categories. One, the supernatural-paranormal-metaphysical weirdness realm (which includes ET.) Or, two, the something else that is not that, including debunker-ville's dismissive materialist and blithe responses.

Which leaves us, concerning strange machine-craft emitting often harmful effects upon humans and animals, with the very likely cause of man made objects. That is almost no less frightening and interesting as ET, etc.

The idea that we, ourselves, operate so covertly and illegally with black projects that cause anxiety, panic, hysteria, confusion, illness, mind-fuckness, job loss, relationship havoc and culture chaos is pretty damn horrible. Unfortunately, it is  not a fantastic idea; it is actually very possible.

This possibility (which is actually a reality) should be addressed with at least as much intensity as aliens from space UFOs, and a hell of a lot more outrage.

Instead, there are the naive ones who ignore this idea, still -- still, even after the bizzaro-falling-waaaaaaay-down-the-rabbit-hole reality of Trump as our POTUS -- that don't consider our, or any government, capable of such things. Or, worse, that this is a reality, but, shrug, ain't no big deal.

It's a huge fucking deal.

Keep in mind, too, that it's not an either or situation. UFOs are not all only one thing. They're often mistaken every day events, they're also from other realms, and they're also ours. That latter does not make UFOs hum drum; exactly the opposite.

Wake up. The ones that are ours are often the most dangerous. And that is worth investigating, whether it's seventy years ago, thirty years ago, or yesterday.


scott santa said...

Hear! Hear! Regan!

Randy Cheek said...

As always I look forward to your insightful posts.
Thank you.