Tuesday, April 18, 2017

So, What Do You Think About Reptilians?

I don't know why, but I am fascinated by tales of Reptilians. Lizard like beings, sentient -- far more than us hoi poloi -- bipedal, intelligent, devious, ravenous even. Scary. Alien sauropods invading earth. Or dwelling beneath us in caverns, tunnels, underground military bases. Oh yes, they're in cahoots with the Shadow Government. There is no doubt about that.

Reptoids. Alien Lizard Lovers. Abductees, taken by muscular lizard beings armed and overpowering.

Easy to mock. But, like the contactees of the "Golden Age" of space brothers and sisters visiting earth, the abductees and witnesses who've encountered Reptilians are serious. They're not mocking. So, should any serious researcher mock as well?

I don't think we should. I mock because of my own uneasy responses to the idea of intelligent, agile, and possibly malevolent non-human entities that look like giant lizards. That are giant lizards. Especially if they're having sex with us, and/or stirring us in large gooey vats.

No, seriously. For those that have had these experiences, it's not funny at all. Of course the question, as with all of the weird Fortean/UFO/Paranormal/Supernatural stuff out there, is: is it real? Literal? No doubt it's real all right. Literal, that might be a different thing altogether.

Intelligent dinosaur types living inside the earth. Coming up to abduct, eat, experiment. Or…

Right now I'm reading B.E. Lewis's Ancient Serpent Gods: The Alien Connection to Reptilian Dinosaurs. Just begun; no review here. I will say it isn't particularly well written -- a sort of "golly gee" vibe --  but I'm reading it for the info, not literary acumen. Many more books in this genre to read of course. Many, many stories from witnesses of encounters.

The tales of intelligent reptilian type beings continue, and, as with all narratives of the High Strangeness type, there is something within that can't be dismissed as mere silliness.

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