Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Munsters and Masked "Aliens"

Oh, the dreaming mind! If a team of dream interpreters could work together with those who research UFOs and other realms of the weird, then we'd have something. Well, at least we'd more of something. Not entirely sure we'd have the "Big Something." So, last night, my subconscious went here:

I'm going in and out of being the observer of the dream-play, and being the character. 
I'm a young woman, in my early thirties, blond. I'm a little tipsy, walking back home at night from a party. I'm dressed for clubbing, for partying. (A short silver metallic skirt.)  To get to my house, I have to walk through a wooded area. The house is set way back from the sidewalk; a good quarter mile or more.
As I'm walking through the woods, a I see two lights coming at me. Turns out to be a car. Two men in their twenties get out of the car, hanging onto the doors.  One is clearly smarter than the other, but they're both punks. Up to no good. I'm nervous. They start with their crap; I'm worried they're going to rape me. The one dumb guy wants to, but the smarter one says "Nah, we're not going to do that! Just hassle her a little." They push me around a little. Then I fall to the ground, can't move. Want to move, just can't. Something is holding me there, keeping me immobile.
Then the smart guy gets worried. He realizes my house, where I live with my family, is the Munsters house. The Munsters are Very Important Citizens around these parts. If it gets known they've been hassling a Munster (me) there'll be trouble. (The Munsters are not the characters in the TV series, the monsters, -- well, they are, but don't look like the TV characters. They look like the rest of us.)  
I think to myself, in the dream, "I didn't know the Munsters were a real family that the TV show was derived from."  (I realize this makes no sense; if I'm a Munster, wouldn't I know that? But that's Dream World for you.) 
The smart guy is thinking what to do. The dumb guy wants to kill me and get it over with, just get out of there. Finally, Smart Guy says "I got it!" He just happens to have alien masks -- of the ubiquitous grays -- in his car. He tells Dumb Guy if they wear the masks, it will cause them to have the ability to hypnotize me and make me, and everyone else, think I was abducted by aliens. 
This confuses Dumb Guy. "Are we aliens?!" he asks in a panic.
"No, dumb shit, we're pretending to be aliens!"
"Won't that make us become aliens?" frets Dumb Guy.
"Of course not stupid. Jesus, what a dumb ass."
"Are you sure?" whines Dumb Guy, looking around.
"Yeah. I'm sure. Now put on the mask."
Meanwhile, I'm still sitting there, unable to move, and losing consciousness.
They put on the masks, but Smart Guy is starting to get a little nervous. He's looking around, and up, like the real aliens are going to show up soon.
Then I wake up. Damn cats.

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