Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MUFON's Inner Circle.

Kevin Randle has a piece on MUFON's Inner Circle: A Different Perspective: MUFON, Racism and Dodging the Questions.

Another huge WTF moment in the continuing sleazy saga that is MUFON these days.

For some time, MUFON, as an institution, been very suspect. MUFON began (one assumes) with good intentions on bringing a respectable and acceptable, light regarding UFOs to the masses. Excluding the more embarrassing witness narratives of course.

Then the strange relationship with cagey and coy millionaire Bigelow, John Ventre's racism, and now, the Inner Circle, where, for five thousand dollars, you can join. Members include JZ Knight. Yes, that JZ Knight, keeper of the entity known as Ramtha.


Kevin Randle has written a good piece and thanks to him for putting this out there.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Found Myself in the Archives: Abduction Narratives

I was searching for poetry and literature in Oregon, came across this from 1995: Folkloric Significance of Abduction Narratives, written by moi.
Content Description:Using Thomas Bullard's structure of UFO abduction narratives as an object of analysis, this paper looks closely at UFO lore and makes comparisons with Greek mythology. 
Long time ago...

Found UFO Journal: Voices, Memories . . .

More from my found UFO notes from decades ago . I had forgotten so much of these experiences. Is “forgotten” the right word? I can a person forget these types of things? Suppressed might be a better word. 

Below are two journal entries. Slightly edited for clarity, names have been changed, etc.

April 1991/Eugene, ORMeditating the night before I met with Diane and George. I had an abrupt “waking dream” (I call them “mind post cards now) -- I am awake, but having a vision, transported somewhere. I’m about ten years old in the dining room of my childhood home in Los Angeles. I see a man, in gray, kneeling-- squatting on the floor. He’s busy doing something, and there are about four or five steel boxes about the size of bread boxes near him. They have lights on them, some of them are flashing; yellow, green, blue, red. This man is small with blondish- red hair and he’s human --- almost. He’s about three quarters human and one quarter humanoid; something else.
He looks up suddenly at me, and I get such a hit of hostility and anger from him. It’s obvious I am not supposed to be here, not supposed to see him. I gett the sense in a few moments he’d be fone, and I happend upon him early, too soon. I’m a little scared and well aware of his feeling I shouldn’t be here, but I’m also angrey at him! This is my house! My dining room! I “wake-up” snap out of it is more accurate, for I wasn’t alsleep -- as if someone’s turned the switch off and the “movie” is gone. I feel very uncomfortable. 

May 1991/Eugene, OR
First UFO Study and Support Group at the library. Put up three flyers, about twelve people showed up. Good meeting -- our agenda is to not have one. Research, study, compare notes.  
A couple showed up with their daughter who was about eleven. The daugher had heard voices all her life, and is in counseling. Diana and George (not their real names) really felt for her and felt as if we’ve seen her, or know her, somehow. The mothter seemed receptive -- knw a little about stones and crystals. Diane upfront about her Wiccan, pagan path. No one batted an eye. I was slightly open regarding that. (note: today, of course, I am on that same path.) The mother now tells me she feels Diane is “bringing demons” to her, into her house, because of her “witchcraft.” Discouraging. Odd, too, because whe was very open and told me she’s glad we had the meeting and wants to meet again, but not if the meeting takes place at Diane’s.

One man who attended told a story of seeing creature/visitor/intruder/alien/forgein other with witnessess. 
The next eveinging, as I was leaving work, opening my car door, I heard a voice inside/outside (to my left, by my left) (note: when I do encounter spirit voices it is always on my left) and I told myself it was just the sound of the door opening. Two “words”” came throught. Last night, I heard voices again. And an odd thing: eyes closes, suddenlty shapes taking a life of their own and forming into the black eyes, and I felt a presence (to my left.) I opened my eyes suddenly, did not see anything, but really felt “it” -- before opening my eyes I said “I don’t want you here!” and it left. 
On my way to the meeting at Diane’s when the phone rang -- no one there. Diane saw a UFO the next morning. That night her oldest son had an emergency regarding his hand, he also gets frequent nose bleeds. (note: why I wrote that last sentecne at the time I don’t know, must have felt it was related.)

What’s interesting about these experiences is that they happened after my orange orb sighting. Eugene and surrounding areas were full of UFO sightings; many friends, “believers” and non alike, were seeing things. Local media reported on these sighitngs. I was having an incredible amount of synchronicities, precognitive episodes, my own sightings, “visions” during meditation and out of body experiences. It seems my orange orb sighting opened something up within me; woke up something that had been dormant. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Found Journal: Lobster Baby

Going through old notebooks full of writing in various stages, I found a UFO journal I had started back in 1978! Little snippets of odd experiences. Here's an entry from July 1988; I've changed the name of the person who told me this story:

Last Friday I had coffee with Sherri. She told me she's involved with many contactees, occasionally gives workshops on the "UFO thing" and then told me about a woman who called her one night not long ago saying she felt very ill, and had to be taken to the hospital. She was told she was pregnant; she said impossible, she hadn't had sex, etc. She felt very ill for weeks, then, on a check-up, she was no longer pregnant. Then, she started hearing voices and seeing the little gray men, and hearing a baby cry.. They were in her living room, and the "lobster baby" was there. They told her she wasn't ready yet to handle any of this. This woman told Sherri she was scarred and afraid she was going crazy. Supposedly this woman had not heard of this happening to others, or of alien abdcutions. Sherri is trying to arrange for me to meet some of these people.

This was so long ago! I had forgotten about this after so many years and have no idea where this woman is now. I never did meet any of the people involved with "Sherri" or had any kind of follow-up.