Saturday, June 17, 2017

Found Journal: Lobster Baby

Going through old notebooks full of writing in various stages, I found a UFO journal I had started back in 1978! Little snippets of odd experiences. Here's an entry from July 1988; I've changed the name of the person who told me this story:

Last Friday I had coffee with Sherri. She told me she's involved with many contactees, occasionally gives workshops on the "UFO thing" and then told me about a woman who called her one night not long ago saying she felt very ill, and had to be taken to the hospital. She was told she was pregnant; she said impossible, she hadn't had sex, etc. She felt very ill for weeks, then, on a check-up, she was no longer pregnant. Then, she started hearing voices and seeing the little gray men, and hearing a baby cry.. They were in her living room, and the "lobster baby" was there. They told her she wasn't ready yet to handle any of this. This woman told Sherri she was scarred and afraid she was going crazy. Supposedly this woman had not heard of this happening to others, or of alien abdcutions. Sherri is trying to arrange for me to meet some of these people.

This was so long ago! I had forgotten about this after so many years and have no idea where this woman is now. I never did meet any of the people involved with "Sherri" or had any kind of follow-up.

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