Friday, May 26, 2017

Tip of the Iceberg: MUFON

The latest, MUFON's scrambling to cover their collective ass regarding "multi state director" John Ventre's racist Facebook posts, has caused a lot of reaction.  Thankfully, solid and respected researchers like Lon Strickler, Nick Redfern, Robbie Graham, Greg Bishop, and so many more, have spoken out against both MUFON and Ventre. Check out the Anomalist for links to the latest on this.

Sadly, this is only the most recent sad MUFON upset. MUFON has continued to support David Jacobs, whose off the rails "research" concerning Emma Woods, while creating some dissent among some of us, has pretty much gone away in a puff of apathetic smoke. 

Not to mention MUFON's odd relationship with Robert Bigelow, who has been quoted (paraphrasing) "The public does not have the right to know." 

There's more; such as the accusations of sexism by MUFON towards female investigators and directors.

There is also MUFON's early stances towards abductions and the seemingly and so-called "crazy" accounts of reptilians, talking animals, and overall high strangeness.

Given all this, MUFON cannot be considered an official-bona-fide-serious entity. Never could be, in my mind, for all kinds of reasons. The main reason being the very fact of itself. No entity or individual within the fringe can ever be taken seriously. Except, maybe, for Jacques Vallee.

Meanwhile, there are individuals with MUFON who are good and true people. I a not talking about them, but MUFON as an institution, which can no longer be (as if it ever was) taken seriously, or as an authority and overseer of the UFO Gatekeepers.

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