Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nick Redfern; A Contactee or a Victim of Mind-Control? | Mysterious Universe

A Contactee or a Victim of Mind-Control? | Mysterious Universe: While some may disagree, Angelucci’s tale bears all the hallmarks of someone taking a long and winding trip of the definitively chemical kind and after taking a drink. Angelucci stated that the previously innocuous restaurant was now “transformed into a cozy retreat on some radiant star system.” Needless to say, this is not the experience that most people report upon taking a gulp or several of a drink in the average diner. “Added beauty and meaning” were suddenly given to all-things around Angelucci, as his radically-transformed mind begins to excitedly navigate previously uncharted realms. He heard captivating music that prompted him to comment: “No sound could be so enchanting unless played by some skilled musician.” (Redfern, Mysterious Universe)

Redfern suggests that some contactees, such as Angelucci, were not literally in contact with aliens from space, but victims of mind control by our own. I have no doubt. This doesn't negate aliens, or non-human entities milling about, but I agree with Nick that mind control experiments were responsible for some of the UFO experiences reported. MILABS (military abductions) staged alien-UFO scenarios. This theory doesn't make a lot of researchers happy. But, it's worth considering.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Childhood Memories: An Obvious Connection in the Pattern

You'd think that, after a life time of exploring my own UFO and anomalous  experiences, as well as the experiences of others, I'd recognize the obvious. Which is, a pattern, a connection, between locations. For example:

I was thinking, for some unknown reason --  just my mind going back -- to my "giant eagle" experience. This happened when I was about four, maybe three, and in the house on Corning St. in Los Angeles. It's my first memory of something weird and powerful -- nope. (That happened even earlier, in another house a few blocks from the Corning St. house.)

The second memory, a year or so later, very different in many ways: what was seen, as well as what I felt. But, it also happened in the house on Corning St. In the first Corning St. experience, I felt incredible awe and joy, no fear. The second, I felt fear and anger.

Before those two experiences, were two odd experiences in the house we lived in before Corning St. One memory: a giant metal cylinder type of thing, coming towards me at night, while I was in bed, frightened. Strange ribbon like things, like colorful tendrils, waved out at me as this thing floated towards me.

The second memory, looking outside my bedroom window at night, because I heard Santa's reindeer bells on the roof. Except, it wasn't December. And in both memories, I remember me being on the second floor, where my bedroom was. Of course -- yes you guessed it -- there was no second floor.

In later years, I assumed my cylinder memory was of a heater in the bedroom. But my mother insisted, when I told her of this experience, that there was no heater or object of any kind she could think of in that room.

In our third house (again, just a block or two from the other homes) more experiences. One, dancing with my friends -- the invisible aliens. I didn't call them aliens at the time, but I knew they weren't human. For one thing, they didn't look human. About my size (four feet or so) transparent, spindly things. The other experience: many times, floating out through the doors and walls, assisted by these same invisible beings, where'd I wait outside, at night, for "them" to come and take me on up. (Oh, and then there is the parallel experience of the "fuzzy puppet wolves" where my husband had a similar childhood experience.) One more: when my mother, excited, called out to us because she was witnessing a UFO in the sky. No one believed her, except me. Disappointed the UFO zipped off, my mother was watching, hoping it would return.  I told her (she insisted I said this, I don't remember) not to worry, it will come back, for "they always come back," I said.

Eight very different memories, in three locations. As different as these memories are, they share a nagging feeling that somehow, as bizarre as they may seem, they are connected.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Repeated "failures"

Success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ~ David Guy Power
I lifted the above quote from today's The Daily Grail (always an excellent site.) 
I like this quote because it can be applied to the never ending search for what is behind UFOs. Some consider this search to be non-productive, since we haven't found The Big Answer. Not just non-productive, but, a failure. Still spinning our collective wheels, staying in one place.
Others, like myself, don't consider the journey a failure. It's a process, never ending (so far, and most likely will always be) but that is all right. 
UFOs is a broad term. What UFOs are we talking about, as we go along, searching? There are clearly numerous types of UFOs; some connected to each other, sharing a goal, an origin, some not having anything to do with the other. If finding an answer that will satisfy for one type of UFO, that still leaves many more types that have not been explained.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Is UFOlogy Dead?: Do We Even Want to Ask?

(cross posted at my blog Women of Esoterica)

Noticing a lot of UFO pundits posing the question: is ufology dead? Oy. Here we go again. This question gets asked every now and then. The question raises another question: Why does one believe UFOlogy is "dead" in the first place? A lack of, … what, that causes one to ask the question.

And maybe UFOlogy isn't "dead" so much as it is dormant. Like the Phoenix, it rises again, renewed.

Classic cases remain unsolved. The whole thing remains unsolved. As in, what are they, who are they, what do they want, how are we connected . . .

Because the questions are unanswered -- at least to a global community agreement -- some consider UFOlogy as "dead."

Things change, while remaining the same. True of all, certainly of the UFO realm. Maybe what's "dead" is us, not "it." We're not asking the right questions, we're still eating our own, and stubbornly clinging to assumptions. We're still drawing lines in the sand about what is all right to consider, and what is too far out, kooky, embarrassing.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Throwing Down with Tina Sena at Binnall

Been a long time since I've written anything for Tim Binnall's site. Here it is.
Women, do NOT give up!