Saturday, July 8, 2017

Repeated "failures"

Success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ~ David Guy Power
I lifted the above quote from today's The Daily Grail (always an excellent site.) 
I like this quote because it can be applied to the never ending search for what is behind UFOs. Some consider this search to be non-productive, since we haven't found The Big Answer. Not just non-productive, but, a failure. Still spinning our collective wheels, staying in one place.
Others, like myself, don't consider the journey a failure. It's a process, never ending (so far, and most likely will always be) but that is all right. 
UFOs is a broad term. What UFOs are we talking about, as we go along, searching? There are clearly numerous types of UFOs; some connected to each other, sharing a goal, an origin, some not having anything to do with the other. If finding an answer that will satisfy for one type of UFO, that still leaves many more types that have not been explained.


purrlgurrl said...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

That's Ufology in a nutshell. It's boxed itself into accepting only one explanation and refuses to think outside that box. That's not the path to finding objective truth.

Ufology isn't research, but rather it's a social network for like-minded people (sort of a Christian Mingle for UF0/ET believers) that pushes out anyone who says "Wait a minute. Have you considered it wasn't an ET craft but actually could have been . . . . ". Those who question or point out alternatives to the shared belief are disdained, and tarred and feathered with pejorative labels such as "skeptibunker".

I wish Ufology would stop painting itself as a serious research effort when it so clearly is not. Instead it ought to acknowledge (at least to itself), it's real goal is converting non-believers to accept its dogma based on pure faith alone. At least then it would be an honest endeavor rather than the sham it is now.

Regan Lee said...

I disagree that Ufology has "…boxed itself into accepting only one explanation" and "refuses to think outside that box." Many do, but not all, and there are many who do think outside the single minded idea that it's all ET.

"Skeptibunkie" fits by the way -- as long as the ones wearing those shoes conform comfortably to the feet, it's an apt term. It's not "pejorative" -- what's pejorative is the ignorance of one who earns her or himself the term.

To make a broad, dismissive statement that Ufology's "real goal" is to recruit non-believers to the side of an ET embracing story is a bit rigid -- bigoted, even.

So here's some out of the box pondering: The UFO phenomena itself includes, by its very nature, all the contradictory, trickster like, mind game playing, multi-layered antics, hoaxes, sleazes and clowns that infest UFO research. But that's not all of it, not by any means. It's just one aspect of a complex realm.