Friday, August 11, 2017

UFO Haiku . . .

I've been quiet lately, around UFO Land. Not much to say -- others usually say it much better than I.

MUFON's imploded. Stan Romanek has been found guilty of child pornography.

My lack of posting on my blogs isn't due to lack of activity in any of the paranormal/anomalous fields. And it's not because I've given up, -- there's nothing to "give up." It's not a question of giving up. I'm not bored with any of this. How could I be? How could one be bored with experiencing missing time and seeing odd objects and entities? Hell no, I'm not bored.

Just… sometimes I really don't have much to say in this realm. Also, it's summer, and the air is crappy here in the Willamette Valley (Valley of Sickness) with the wildfires everywhere. Recharging. Focusing on other things, for a bit.

But giving up. Never. Bored. Don't be silly.

Almost all of my blogs are UFO and paranormal related. Bigfoot, Mothman, etc. But one blog is devoted to fiction. Poetry, prose. So here are two UFO haiku I wrote recently:

she didn't believe
such things could be happening  --
brilliant orange orbs

Some say missing time
is the mental state unhinged
and some, know better

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