Thursday, August 31, 2017

"We've Been Following You"

Another weird and uncomfortable alien-UFO dream; and I wonder why, since I hadn't been thinking (consciously) about the topic, nor am I currently reading anything about aliens. I wasn't even listing to Coast to Coast as I drifted off. 

I'm back at the house I grew up in. Daytime. I'm in the front yard, there are these strange gray rectangle things, about seven feet tall and three feet wide. These things are hovering, floating, just a foot or so off the ground. Some of them are more rounded than others, more cylinder like. In fact, they are awfully close to my "cylinder alien" I would see in my bedroom in the house we lived in before we moved here.  
I am bothered by their presence. I don't like them here. I say, out loud, "Hey, wait a minute, what are you doing here anyway? I saw you years ago at the other house, not here." I pause, and add:"And there was only one of you. Why are there so many of you now?" They tell me that they know all about the other house (they were snarky things!) and that they've been following me. "Yeah? Well, I haven't seen you!" I say, as if that will solve everything. They tell me that I hadn't been able to see them. A combination of them not waiting me to see them, and me not being able to. But now the veil's been lifted.  
I don't like this much. I didn't ask for anything to be lifted!  
Now, aside from these bobbing gray things, there are ducks on the lawn. But these ducks are ugly. They're an olive green color, and very large. Larger than a large goose! As I watch them, the ducks morph into a sort of alligator type creature before getting bigger and completely reptilian. As in Reptilian. Shape shifting ducks.  
The message from these Reptilian aliens is that they can change form and appear as different animals; when we think we see a deer, etc. it often is just a cover for the Reptilian presence. 

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