Saturday, December 23, 2017

It's Happening on the Astral

Still reading Thom Powell's Edge of Science. So last night, this dream:

I'm looking up at the daytime sky, watching a plane that is behaving very oddly. It's not a modern plane but something from a 1940s movie. Far more weirdly, it's stationary. Impossible for an airplane to just be perfectly still in the air, but that's what's happening. I call for others to come out and look, but by the time they get outside and look up, it's too late. The plane had covered itself with a cloud. I watched it do this -- gather some sort of material together around itself to make it look like a cloud. But in the center of this 'cloud' it's very bright. I explain this to everyone but they don't believe me. They point and say "See? It's just a cloud."  

I tell them to be patient and keep looking, but they go back inside. Of course now the cloud is gone and the plane is back. It keeps trying to get the cloud back but it's having trouble maintaing the cloud. Then I notice a glitch -- the plane morphs into a classic saucer shaped UFO, but just for a second. Then back to the plane.
I call everyone out again, but same response. They look, don't see anything, don't wait around, disbelieve me, go back. 
After awhile, the plane switches back to its saucer and I realize this thing is a flying saucer! Damn. The saucer comes closer -- much closer. Much larger. No fooling around now, no attempt to disguise itself, to more hiding. It's out and here and so now, everyone believes me. But it's too late.
The saucer is taking people up. Mostly children up to the age of nineteen, but a few adults as well. I'm one of them.
The inside of the saucer is set up to look like a typical human home, but some details aren't right. Curtains as rugs. An easy chair in the kitchen, a stove in the living room. Things like that. They didn't quite get the whole picture. 
The few adults here are to keep on eye on things, though we have no authority or power and we never see the aliens, just sense their presence. 
The children remain children, physically, but they're been made into adults by the aliens. Adult thinking, adult minds, -- at first the children (now adults but in children's bodies) love this. Then they realize it's not much fun. After a couple of weeks, the aliens drop us all back on earth, and the children are children again. They did not like being adults at all.  
And as we're coming back to earth, I hear a message from the aliens about Sasquatch. That yes, they do have something to do with all that. But what, they will not reveal.
Powell writes about the "mystical" aspects of Sasquatch encounters, but I'm not at the heart of the book yet. Last night I was reading about the London tracks (Cottage Grove area, Oregon.) Researcher Toby Johnson and others with him had intense experiences that transcended a mere flesh and blood explanation for Sasquatch. Which had me thinking about my own experiences  -- not having seen a Sasquatch, not even close --  but still a coupe of highly odd experiences related to Sasquatch. Before drifting off to sleep I was thinking of those, and of  all my experiences, particularly UFOs and how, just when I thought I had hit a wall these past couple of years, I've expanded my thinking to include the astral, or inter-dimensional, or whatever you want to call it. We have to go beyond nuts and bolts and flesh and blood.

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Gordon said...

I strongly suspect an electromagnetic field component to a lot of UFO encounter experiences.

Are you familiar with the work of neuroscientist Michael Persinger? As you may know, Persinger has done a lot of research with the "God Helmet," a device that sends electromagnetic field energy into the brain of the person wearing it. The field is computer-controlled, and can produce a number of altered states of consciousness.

We know that brain surgeons use direct electrical stimulation of their patients' brains as a way of making sure the surgery is done on the correct portion of the brain. The stimulation produces quasi-hallucinations, memories relived as if real, etc.

So I suspect that some Ufonauts (whatever they are) are using powerful, directed EMF in order to distort the consciousness of the humans they encounter. It's a "God Helmet" operating remotely. This idea is consistent with the reports of electrical malfunctioning of cars and other devices--including camcorders and cell phones--during UFO encounters.

So there may not be anything trans-dimensional about some UFO encounters; just a technology that distorts our cognition.