Thursday, March 29, 2018

And Now, REAL Kangaroos in Wyoming

While tales of phantom animals are a part of anomalist lore, the following is of actual kangaroos in Wyoming.

First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming - Buckrail, Jackson Hole News: Dubbed “Project Sage Hopper” by the WWGD team responsible for evaluating the viability of Wyoming’s habitat for Australian marsupials, it has been in the planning stages for 3 years. The goal is two-fold: Create new and interesting wildlife viewing opportunities for tourists, and in several years, potentially provide additional hunting opportunities.
 Horrible, terrible, and sad.

And, fortunately, an April Fools joke.

What's interesting is that many believed this, including me, when I saw it on Facebook. The last sentence in the article, which informs us that future plans included releasing wallabies, koalas, and the "endangered tasmanian devil" was suspicious, confirming my sense that this is a joke, and of course, it is.  Nothing surprises me anymore, not since the last presidential election and our current living in crazy town antics, so it's easy to understand how one could think this is true, at least for a few moments.

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