Monday, July 30, 2018

Become the Tree: Post Orb Sighting

After my orange orb sighting, I began to have, not only more UFO sightings, but psychic experiences as well. From early childhood on, I've always been psychic, or sensitive, and I've also had UFO experiences, including missing time (in Los Angeles, before the missing time with the orange orb sighting in Eugene.)

All kinds of synchroniciites, UFO sightings, and psychic episodes and dreams followed the orange orb sighting. Includng the following, which involves Tree Spirit.

We were still living in the house where the orange orb sighting took place. We only lived there about a year. I was lying on the bed upstairs; it was early evening. There was a sliding glass door that led out to a little balcony by the bed. I was idly looking outside, at the trees . . . we lived at the top of a hill in a woodsy area, even though we were very close to town. Up the hill: woodsy, down the hill, traffic and 'the city.' Still light outside. I was very relaxed, though completely awake. Abruptly, I heard a rushing sound -- the sound of water coursing through. This came from outside, but also inside. Not inside the house, but inside me. I was aware of myself, as 'me' but I had been possessed (?) by the tree. I was the tree. I felt and heard water within me, the roots below. The awareness and sentient being of the tree. We were one. This was one of the most vivid experiences of my life.

Now, before you think "Too many 'shrooms there my friend," which is fair, I was not under the influence of anything remotely mind altering. No drugs, weed, alcohol, pills, nothing.

I was stunned but not upset or bothered. I was honored. I was surprised. I wondered at the seeming randomness of this event. And I couldn't help but think this intense, magickal moment was related to the UFO sighting.

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