Thursday, August 23, 2018

Amethyst Third Eye Meditation and Aliens – The Orange Orb on WordPress

 Over at Orange Orb on Word Press blog, a new post about an experience/encounter I had last night. Here's a bit, more at WordPress:

: Last night, I was meditating on my third eye, and the color and energy of amethyst. I had two amethyst clusters by my bedside, where I was sitting. I was not asleep, but very relaxed.

Behind my eyes, the usual swirls and shapes danced, but nothing specific. I wasn’t trying for anything at all. Just concentrating on breathing, and amethyst energy/color. Abruptly, this came shooting by:


Greg said...

You may find a symbolic understanding of your experiences helpful.

For example, amethyst has a purple color and purple is a union of red and blue.

In alchemy red is for the elements of fire and air and is connected to the masculine principle. Blue is for the elements of water and earth and is connected to the feminine principle. The 3rd eye is all about the union of the opposites; being able to see the opposites as one.

What does the teardrop shaped drawing you made represent? What does it mean to you? FOr me it looks like a meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere.

regan lee said...

Thank you Greg.
Yes, it seemed very meteor like to me as well. Zooming through the astral right to my head.

I like your insights into the colors and symbols. Helpful.

Greg said...

Hi Regan,

I just read your orange orb experience.

I pay much attention to colors - finding that they often are connected to the colors of the chakras in the subtle body. If true for your orb it would be the 2nd chakra.

I had a pure white orb pass through my body - starting at my shins and stopping to dwell in my chest (heart chakra) - which created the sensation that I was being vaporized and would soon float/levitate. When I became concerned that I would ascend the phenomenon moved up through my neck and taking on a teardrop shape the pointy end tried to push through my forehead (6th chakra). I could sense the pressure - it finally made it out. It opened my 3rd eye. My life soon changed - it became a valley of tears - so the teardrop shape was a symbolic message as well. Suffering, in my case mostly psychic suffering is the cost of progress when it came to evolving my consciousness.

I have also come to learn that an orb is really a part of one's soul - it contains consciousness that it would like one to integrate. No easy task.

All the best,
Gregory in Victoria, BC