Friday, August 10, 2018

Space Force Merc

Trump 2020 to sell 'Space Force' merch - CNNPolitics: Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's re-election team seized on his administration's push for a "Space Force" on Thursday, pledging to sell branded merchandise to his supporters.
"President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE -- a groundbreaking endeavor for the future of America and the final frontier," read an email from the Trump campaign. "As a way to celebrate President Trump's huge announcement, our campaign will be selling a new line of gear." [CNN]
Good goddess gravy. The Rotting Mango is treating the white house like a corny info commercial. Space Force! Force All the Way! RM tweets. This from the president of our country.

Us fortunate citizens can buy Space Force!  "gear" and not only that, vote for a favorite Space Force! Force patch. Naturally,  Mars Awaits is my favorite.

I won't comment on the obvious absolute ridiculous and surreal nature of the RM's Space Force! Force plan, because, if I have to explain why it's so,  you're doomed.

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