Friday, August 3, 2018

The Left vs. the Right and 'Constricters'

 Satanic Abuse/ Egregores & the Occult - Shows (Coast to Coast)
Last night's Coast to Coast was interesting. Except for one point; the point I've been writing about these past few weeks. Which is the relationship between the political right and the left in context of UFO, paranormal research.

I think it was guest Russ Dizdar, (I think it was Dizdar) who, on discussing the deep state, negative energies, mind control, etc. -- which makes sense, and is, in my opinion, a non-debatable reality -- went off on what he called "constriction." Except, according to Dizdar, it's the left who is responsible for this constriction!

He went on to talk about Communism, which, according to him, is the agenda of the left. And then placing blame for all kinds of crazy onto the left, in context of "constriction," which is the egregores, and the occult's, purpose.

If anyone, anything, is doing "constricting" it is Trump, the orange one, the POTUS, the 45. He, and the followers, supporters and kiss assers, are the ones who "constrict." And if I have to explain it to you, you are doomed.

I have no argument concerning negative energies, from our own -- humans -- as well as non-human yet intelligent entities. Call these energies Satan, demons, daimons, Djinn, fallen angels, ET, aliens, faerie, elementals ... wait. They are not all the same thing. But they are all, all. Some of them are negative. Malevolent.

Some are not. Some don't care either way. Sometimes we just get in their way. Other times, there is a specific agenda to fuck with us. Some of the energies involve humans.

But to seriously inject that liberals are the cause -- this is the point I find myself in despair. I can only go so far when I hit that wall. That wall put up by conservatives who abruptly veer off from delving into the paranormal -- the real, actual, at times insidious, paranormal, including UFOs, and all its deception -- and scream "liberal."

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