Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Magical, Fantastical: My New Tarot Decks

 I bought two new tarot decks recently. The Wonderland Tarot, and the Magical Forest Tarot.  I haven't received the Magical Forest deck yet, it's on its way. I was struck by the images of the deck and knew I had to have it. The images remind me of the Deviant Moon deck, a deck I use a lot. Same kind of overall vibe, even though the DM deck is darker. Both decks have a surreal quality. 

The Wonderland deck is delightful but also surreal, it's not all simply a children's story book. Lot more going on there than that. I found the cards easy to read and easily read relaxing into my intuitive bubble.

I can't wait to use the Magical Forest deck. 

Sometimes readers like to use two decks; I think I'll try that with the Magical Forest and the Deviant Moon. Maybe all three. 

Wonderland Tarot: Major Arcana, The Emperor

Magical Forest Tarot: Page of Cups

Deviant Moon tarot

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