Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Dreaming Mind: Reincarnation, UFOs

 Evidence for reincarnation? 

Now and then, I dream that I'm in France. Often centuries ago, 1600s? And the "me" in the dream is younger, and blonde. I don' have a particular thing about France; I don't have French ancestry (I'm pretty much 100% Celtic, as white as one can be) and I'm not young, or blonde. There's often a circus, pageant type feel to the dream. Sometimes there's a show going on, like a jousting match, or some kind of performance. It's all mixed up with royalty and death and escapes.

1947 Sergio Leone Film

In this dream, I'm watching a film but, as dreams will do, it quickly changes view and is really happening and I am in the film. The film is one made in 1947, directed by Sergio Leone, the Italian spaghetti western director. I think to myself, when I see the date, "1947, that's a year before Jim (my spouse) was born, and seven years before I was born. " For some reason that struck me as odd. 

Scene One

The actress Joan Davis, tall, wearing a tight fighting man's suit like a flamenco dancer's costume, walks slowly and silently across the sandy floor of the circus. She is not at all the funny woman she is known for -- she is deadly serious, and silent. She is sometimes mistaken for a mute. Her hair is dark brown, in little twisty braids, a scarf covering part of her head. John Gilbert is in front of her, leading her. It's clear he is in control of her; she is a slave, imprisoned. The emcee is Claude Rains, dressed in black top hat, cape and a walking stick. He too is in control. Things are not good. Something bad is going to happen.

Scene Two

Joan/me escape. Not sure how it happened but with the help of Liam Neeson, (and I think in the dream how could Liam Neeson be in a film made in 1947?) I escape and we have to hide out in a loft above the circus tent.

When I woke up I just knew this had something to do with the past. A past life, related to the dreams of France, etc.? Senses and emotions are the dream rulers, not logic. Actors from long ago, one from not long ago, and a comedian in a role utterly opposite what she was known for. 

Dream Two: UFOs; It's Ours! 

Yes, I dream of UFOs a lot. And here's one more:

Night, outside with a lot of people. The stars are beautiful, so many! Watching a star get bigger, closer, rotating and zooming towards us. Then it stops, above us in the sky. No longer a star but large light blue heptagon with round depressions all around it. Somehow, I can touch this thing. I push against the depressions. Nothing happens. People are excited thinking it's a UFO from outer space -- theirs, not ours. But somehow I know this isn't "theirs" (aliens) it's ours. Man made. I just know it. Something to do with the depressions in this oddly shaped thing. People argue with me; insist that it is an alien craft. Meanwhile, all kinds of UFOs of different shapes, colors and sizes are appearing around us, but no on notices them. I try to tell them that they have to look and they'll see UFOs that do belong to aliens, but this one that I'm touching? Not alien at all, but man made. No one believes me.

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