Friday, October 30, 2020

Two Trains Runnin'

The other night, waiting for Coast to Coast (despite the horrible interviewing style of George Noory; other hosts aren't so bad, some are pretty damn good) I listened to the news when it came on. Something about the "Trump Train" with "rally participants." Oh the joy! One of the leaders of the Trump Train Rally participants -- a woman!!!! -- (what evil demonic force ate her soul?) said "The Trump Trained participants are ready to go." I thought: "Trump trained?" Well, I suppose they are trained. Trained on how and when to laugh, smile, shout out ya-hoos!, applaud, shake their heads in mock disgust, etc. 

I then realized I had misheard. She didn't say "Trump Trained..." she was talking about the Trump train, and its participants. But then I wondered about how, it doesn't make any difference, it is the same. And how language -- all that NLP stuff, etc. -- shapes our precipitation in any given reality.

Whether its politics, or UFO/Paranormal Land .

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