Saturday, December 12, 2020

Gray is the Color

 2020  a hell of a year, no one denies. Topsy turvy, surreal, WTF, horrific, tragic. Despairing. 

For awhile, it seems we were kind of getting close to some kind of closure. I don't know if that is just me thinking positively through rose colored glasses, or, a real bit of feeling a vibe. But then, people in the U.S. just had to continue to be stupid. Selfish, ignorant, arrogant, lazy, bullies, and bigoted. Supporting tRUMP. Refusing to wear masks. Traveling during Thanksgiving. And because of that, the number of people contracting Corvid and dying from Corvid have increased. 

So what color is the official color of 2021? Gray! 

So gray is the "official" color (along with a literally piss yellow color) for the next year. Not an uplifting message. And a terrible color combo.

Pantone color swatch 

Meanwhile, we have gray monoliths popping up all over the world. Like the virus. Gray structures mysteriously appearing, only to disappear after being discovered. Aliens? Who, by the way, are um, gray? Hmmm???? Nah. The monoliths are either a world wide guerrilla artist statement, or -- probably more likely, sadly -- a promotional campaign for a product, either technical or entertainment.

And notice how tRUMP'S hair has gone gray? From squirrel -ass orange to gray. He just can't do it anymore, poor man.  Maybe it was the news that aliens are real and about here on earth as recent news has informed us. Or that he lost the election. 

Why gray? Are the color police that insensitive? Clueless? My inner conspiracy elf whispers that it's intentional, ensuring on the meta psychic level that things will continue to be awful in 2021. 

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