Saturday, December 26, 2020

On Elizondo: If the Government Wants to Know, It Will Know

 Murgia then Tweets that Knapp asked if this (UFO) mystery can be solved “by just looking at military encounters with UFOs or do we need to expand our horizons (like AAWSAP did) and look at other topics like poltergeists & Bigfoot that seem to be connected to close encounter cases.”

To which Elizondo said the government programs have limitations such as an inability to speak with commercial pilots about sightings. 


The government has "limitations?" Where have they been? If the government wants to know what it wants to know, it will know it.

I have found the whole Elizondo/de Longe/Academy to the Stars theater piece to be disingenous. As much as I like Knapp, I find his acceptance of this frustrating. I know, who am I? A retired educator artist lady who hasn't even published a book. (Written them, sure. Published? Another story.) Arm chair researcher. Experiencer, if you must. Witness many times over. That counts for something. And anyway, I'm a human being citizen who thinks and writes and thank the goddesses I can blog away and if some people read my words, wonderful. 

So, I remain mistrustful. I'm not impressed, I'm not awaiting discloure because it won't happen. Unless you define disclosure as coming from "them" then sure. Maybe. Yet one could also say that they have been disclosing, for centuries. We just haven't been paying attention. We've turned away and now want some official entity: science, the government, to be responsible.

Good luck with that.

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