Friday, December 18, 2020

Triangle UFO

Dexter, Oregon Triangle UFO, ink, oil pastel, computer enhanced, regan lee winter 2020

For awhile, I've been in a creative slump but have been getting some artistic mojo back. 
I've posted drawings of the triangle I saw years ago in Oregon before; this one I did the other day. I like it better than previous triangle drawings I've done.

The sighting: in Dexter/jPleasant Hill area of Oregon, rural area, two acres of land, about two hundred people at a end of summer party in August. This in the early nineties. About five us standing under a little tree, something made me look up at the sky. No sound, but...something. Of course, I'm always looking at the sky. I noticed something odd but couldn't make it out, then realized something huge was blocking out the stars. Then I made out a triangle shape --- no lights, as the drawing shows -- and the color of the triangle was almost the color of the surrounding sky. Just a shade off. 

We commented on how odd it was. We just stood there, looking at it. You'd think we say "Hey everyone!!! Come look at this!" but we didn't. I felt a little odd, like cotton balls were stuck in my ears. 

Then, suddenly, it just shot off. Took off -- zoom! Gone. No sound.


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