Sunday, February 14, 2021

"10, 000 Sightings. . . "

Or, five thousand, or six, or one hundred. Doesn't matter. What has me wondering is this. On many a paranormal program, it is often mentioned that "Over ten thousand UFO sightings occurred in the ..." or "Twenty million hundred Bigfoot sightings have occurred in . . ." and I ask "Is that reported sightings?"

Of all the UFO sightings I've seen, going back to childhood (and I'm soon to be 67) I have only officially reported one. And that turned out to be a disaster. I don't think blogging about my sightings, or talking about them on podcasts, counts. It may in some ways, but not officially.

As far as Bigfoot goes, I know of at least a dozen people who have told me of their upfront, personal Bigfoot encounters, and yet not one of them reported their experience to an "official" Bigfoot data collecting site. A few of those sightings -- I was the only person, outside of their family, that had told.

So I think that any time we hear a statistic on the number of Bigfoot, UFO, ghost, etc. encounters that are reported in the media, we can safely assume there are many more that are not.

Nothing new here at all, but a good reminder that there is far more high strangeness afoot than we think. Far more.

And in these weird, surreal times, where for the past year or more things have been turned upside down, inside out, and back again, where insanity seems to be the rule, the high strangeness in all its forms, from beautiful and amazing and wonderful to scary and downright WTF and WFHIT (what fresh hell is this) moments, exists. Always have, and always will. 

Maybe we can learn from this this time around.


Unknown said...

I am absolutely certain that there are more experiences of every high strangeness type than there are reports. I used to think I and my family and friends were really unusual, but...I've only done 15 podcast episodes (though I've listened to many more) and I'm convinced that the world is WAAAAAY weirder than anyone would like to believe.

Except for us weirdos who are pretty certain it's downright mad all up in here.

regan lee said...

thank you "unknown" and by the way, who are you? :)