Monday, May 10, 2021

.Weird News I Like

Searching the web for weird things. Because that's what I do. I particularly love items having to do with animals, as long as the animals aren't hurt. In fact, I like it when the animals turn on us. Poetic justice. 

Pandemic Tarot

Yesterday, I posted Boing Boing's link to a tarot deck with the Covid Virus as its theme. And here's another one on Bored Panda.

Today, this item about Covid vaccines being given at Dracula's castle. 

Escaped Animals

Sadly, this bastard kept a tiger in his house in Houston, and it got lose. And a scared zebra  wasn't having any of it -- it escaped from an "exotic livestock auction" (they have those?!) in Tennessee. These animals are not pets! 


Lobster saved from being someone's dinner at a Red Lobster. 

Thieving Ravens

Ravens are stealing Costco customer's food in Alaska.


A giant squid sculpture in Japan, thanks to a town's Coronavirus relief funds.

Along the same lines sort of, vintage photos of dinosaurs. Not real dinosaurs of course.

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