Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Tic Tac and Government and and and ...

 I've been quiet (I know, strange, huh?) about all the buzz about new disclosures to come. The mainstream media, from newspapers to pop culture shows, mention the "news" about UFOs. UFOs are Real! shout headlines. My rolled eyes sarcasm meter has reached the ionsphere. Truly. 

I don't care. I'm not excited. I'm barely interested. 

It's been done before. And now, while some are mildly curious -- "Hmm, interesting ..." others are mocking, making lame jokes about geeky, tin foil hat wearing, undereducated fools who are easily fooled.

I say, we''re all being easily fooled right now. 

UFOs are real. And you can call them UAPS if you prefer, but a rose ...

Anyway. Strange, weird, really weird, things have been appearing in our skies forever. Not just "since 1947," or whatever arbitrary date you put on it. Whether those UFOs are ours, China's, Russia's, inner earth dwelling Nazi-Reptilians, or ETs, they are there. Present. And, doing very unusual, odd and at times, scary, things to us. 

It's scary whoever is doing it. ET? Scary. Inner earth beings? Weird. And scary. Elementals? Magick, but, kind of scary. Human governments? Probably the scariest. Certainly the most evil. Maybe. (After all, was They Live a documentary, or just a movie?)

We're not going to learn anything new. Just what the government wants us to know, at this time. So many players, as always, in this game. Are there really people out there who truly believe the government -- ours, theirs,  -- is going to just give us the true unreacted story of UFOs? 

Of course not! 

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