Thursday, September 30, 2021

T.V. Show: La Brea

 Unsolicited and no doubt un-asked-for T.V. review: La Brea. 

Typical predictive, derivative, lame, hackneyed crap. 

I loved it! An admission of guilty pleausre/secret shame on my part. But I mean, it's La Brea Tar Pits! Where I hung out for years in my youth. Skipping school, hanging out, wandering the Art Museum for hours (and playing hide and seek with the security guards who thought I was a delinquent or youthful art theif. ) 

And things like wolves, and saber toothed tigers, and giant dino birds. Street signs in the sink hole, like, Curson Ave. Where I used to fucking live! You can't beat that! Have to love this throw back, shallow, insipid, lazy ass writing team not at all surprised THAT happened network TV show. Looking forward to episode two. (I mean, after all, my other secret shame/guilty pleasure is that I watch General Hospital.)

Don't judge me.

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