Sunday, November 14, 2021

Derril Sims: Seven Alien Types

 Last night's Coast to Coast with host Connie Willis had alien hunter Derril Sims as a guest, discussing, among other things, the "seven different kinds of aliens" most reported by us humans here on earth.

I found Sims ideas interesting. As he said, he approaches the whole UFO/alien/ET phenomena differently than most UFO researchers. Sims, being an ex-cop and a private investigator, as well as an abductee himself, has a different perspective. 

One point he brought up, that I had never thought of: the most common ET/alien types share something in common. Short grays, tall grays, Mantis/insectoid creatures, Reptilians, the Nordics, etc. while seemingly very different, are not all that different. Weird, I know. And by the way, let's just  forget what we might or might not think of Sims in general. Like a lot of researchers, there are issues. THERE ARE ISSUES. But let's not kill the messenger because he or she is, well, the messenger. Part of what is so damn obvious in UFO Land is the fact that the messengers, be they human or not, are often full of crap, and yet, there are little glittering gems of truth, or at least interesting glimmers, of Pretty Interesting Ideas.

So. Sims said that these "aliens" are not strictly aliens, as in, from Outer Space, but from here on  earth.

Sims referred to DNA. Mantis: they're here on earth. Reptilians: earth. (snakes, lizards, etc.) Nordics, here on earth. (humans.)  Short grays/Tall grays: here on earth. In terms of stunted, or genetically alerted humanoid types.

And so, these beings are of us, in various ways. Way out there various ways, true. Still.

Of course, the question is, who or what manipulated these creatures to the point of being perceived as "alien" (after all, if I saw a ten foot praying mantis, or a human looking lizard being, I'd be, at best, horribly confused and think, maybe, "alien as all fuck!") 

Aliens, There are aliens -- out there, far out there, and "aliens" in here. Right here. One begets the other. Or, not.

Food for thought. 

But I have always thought that the message brought to us by "them" is ...just that. A message. Doesn't mean it's true. Doesn't mean it means anything. And who is behind the messenger? 

Someimtes in UFO Land we forget to ask. Yeah, Reptialian. Weird, scary. Or, according to some, not scary but down right sexy. Intelligent. Bad, good, who knows. But, who is beind this, if anyone? Or thing?

We can't answer this question: who's behind this all?  Why do we have so many different religions, and sects within religions? Because we don't know.  Or some of us think we know, and believe no one else knows. And so on.


It is possible that the giant insects and Lizard Reptilians and grays and Nordics and so on are manifestations of the same thing. (Let's throw in Marian apparitions and such as well. Hell even ghosts, at times.) 

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