Monday, November 1, 2021

Trivial Syncronicities and I.A.

 A little bit ago, I posted about a trivial, yet also unnerving, bit of synchronicity.

Happened again today. In my mind; not thinking out loud, not mentioning it to anyone, not looking up info and links on Google, just in my mind, about eating a lot more veggies. "I really need to up my intake here on veggies, and fruits. I know there are powdered drinks and juices you can get to help get this started." I found myself thinking I should check out my local nutrition stores to help me find something along those lines.

An hour or so later, I'm on Facebook and yes, an ad pops up about a super uber industrial strength veggie powered power house drink of the upmost. Have not seen that ad before, ever. So, that.

And the day before yesterday, thinking about the movie Ghost Busters. The remake with the female cast, and how unfair and blatantly sexist the criticism of that movie was. I liked that movie. The first one of course, but also, the remake. No doubt Halloween had me thinking along those lines. But there are hundreds of movies in that genre I could have been thinking about. 

Next day (Halloween) Parade magazine had an article about GhostBusters. The first one. But nothing about the remake, which I thought odd. Why ignore the remake? 

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