Saturday, December 11, 2021

A Very Strange OOBE


I had a highly unusual . . . OBE? Something, last night. I have never experienced anything like this before.

The experience had elements of familiar experiences: out of body, feeling "pulled" by something, or someone. Not being able to awaken my spouse. The awareness of an entity, or some kind of presence, an energy that was intelligent. The 'Old Hag" feeling, that sleep paralysis sensation.

But all those things, while present, don't come close to describing how incredibly and weirdly different last night's experience was. 

For one thing, I am not convinced I was dreaming. Not at all. Okay, I wasn't.

I find myself sitting upright in bed. Aware of a presence. I am all black; I've left my body and am next to myself. I can see myself. I am being pulled on my arms by ... a something. Or a someone. Or... some sort of intelligent thing. Creature? Being? Humanoid? Whatever it was, it wasn't human.

I try to get my husband to wake up. He wakes up easily. Not last night. I couldn't wake him up for anything. 

I don't like being pulled out of my body. And why am I all black, just my body shape? And if most all of me is "gone" (sitting beside myself, like I'm in a waiting room) why are they still pulling at me?

I finally get very pissed off. I tell them to knock it off. I'm scared, a bit. This thing that is happening is not pleasant, not good. It seems to stop, and I am still all black but back in my body, ready to leave it. I feel that buzzing feeling and hear the sounds that comes with OBE's.  I am both excited that I am leaving my body (my OBE's have become infrequent in my old age) but also nervous and wondering what now? But nothing happens. The presence leaves.

Again, this is so damn hard to explain. This whole episode was so intensely different than anything I have been through.

I'm a strong and vivid dreamer, always have been. I have had dozens of out of body experiences, all kinds of dreams on all kinds of levels, the sleep paralysis/Old Hag experience, etc. But this, this. Was just so out of anything I've experienced. This was a one of kind, highly strange, uncomfortable experience. Downright fucking weird as hell.

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