Monday, February 28, 2022

Second Hypnosis Session: Not, and, Remote Viewing

 I decided to not continue with they hypnosis. Possibly, in the future, if I find someone really deep into this realm, I might, but for now, nope. While it was an interesting experience, and, nothing to lose, it didn't reveal anything. On some level, possibly. But in a literal level, no. And right now, despite the poetic/metaphoric/symbolic part, I wanted a deeper, more "real", literal, answer.

Nothing against the person who guided me on the journey. Person seemed very genuine and was nice. And mostly, did not think at all I was out of mind. 

Still, we need more. 

I'm wondering if remote viewing would work. Remote viewing  missing time. My own, or Jim's. Would my own remote viewing of my experience only be the same as the "hypnosis?" Or should I remote view Jim's, and he, mine? I don't know. Advice here is gratefully appreciated.

So for now, back to trying to work it all out via art, remote viewing, dreams...back to the drawing board.

Does it matter? Depends on what context you choose to frame all this in. In UFO Land, it matters. In context of Covid Hell, and Putin's horrific invasion of Ukraine, it don't mean shit. 

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