Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 Oh, how they abound! From all sides. Including within UFO Land. 

Many years ago, a UFO organization came to my town of Eugene, Oregon.  They were even on the news. 

They put on presentations. Stan Johnson, for example, who self-published a few books on his interactions with a Bigfoot family living on his ranch in Sutherlin, Oregon. TheBigfoot family (who did not like to be called Bigfoot, they told Johnson) took him into their spaceship.


Naive, new to the whole thing, and simply assuming that all those professing interest in UFOs were after only one thing: truth, I submitted a letter to be shared at one of the presentations. 


What happened was, the Head UFO Gatekeeper read my letter -- which included something about how sometimes encounters are negative, and the government can't always be trusted -- was "too negative" and they were not about "negativity." 

It wasn't like I was shouting to the skies about Reptilian Overlords impersonating politicians and hey! your neighbor, your very spouse or children or siblings, could be aliens! I simply said we don't know what' s going on, and some of it isn't so fun.


Some time after that, I met some people who at first, were very much involved with UFOs. But again, it turned out to be agenda based. Meditation before each meeting. Nothing wrong with meditation, I do it myself. And depending on your goal, meditating before delving into UFO Land can be a good thing, a necessary thing. But as a blanket given? No thank you. Seems too much like propaganda or indoctrination, like saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. And every meeting, no matter how intense or interesting the UFO/entity encounter may have been, quickly turned to energy. 

How to conserve energy, how to work towards alternative energy options, etc. These people were a combination of New Age hippies (of which, I acknowledge, I'm sort of kind of one. But not like that.

At a UFO conference, one of the members of this group asked a question of two of the presenters who talked about their encounter with a huge UFO-Triangle on the Idaho Oregon border, why the experience didn't cause them to be more "spiritual." Are you fucking kidding me?

I am, personally, all about spiritual and crystals and all that, but I try to keep my giddy New Age propensities in one lane, the UFO stuff on another.

Many UFO pundits and would be gurus dressed in UFO garb have their own agendas. There's speculation, which I indulge in. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you know it's entertaining ideas, and not fact. Telling your truth, your experiences, as honestly as you can, in spite of debunkers and even those within UFO Land. That takes bravery, and vulnerability. 

But no one has the answers. I think that even those who think they know, with actual alien bodies in their secret warehouses, don't know the whole story, just what they've been told.

We only know what we've experienced, or what we think we've experienced, what "they" have told us (and how can we genuinely believe "they" have really told us all there is to tell? ) 

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