Monday, July 4, 2022

Orange Orb Dreams, UFO Tulpas, and Insectoids

 An Orange Orb dream the other night:

I'm on a Zoom like call; a UFO presentation. Sort of like a podcast, UFO conference and radio show all together. Some one recognizes my blog The Orange Orb and so I once again tell the tale. Of seeing the very large and up close orange orb, its following us, the feeling it knew what I was thinking and was responding, the missing time . . .

And then I say that each time I tell the story, the orange orb becomes more real, (not that it ever was not real) more concrete. Like a UFO Tulpa. It's still true, and "mine," meaning, my experience but it also is its own self. Aware. Solid. Separate from me. Its own thing. This is so damn hard to articulate! So hard. But a very important aspect of the whole encounter. 

Alien Ant, watercolor, James Rich

As I'm relating this, the night sky becomes a swirling geometric mass and several insectoids show up. Praying Mantis types, locust types. They are anywhere from six feet to ten feet tall. They're watching, listening. Aware. No threat -- yet. 

I tell everyone that they're here and very, very real. "Yes," I say, as bizarre and really, ridiculous, as it seems, these alien-insectoid beings are real. And here. And have been. 

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