Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Witchy Magick Season: Art, BVM and Apparitions

 My art groove is back. Rearranged my paranormal library; here's my Marian Apparition shelf. 

I'm keeping my Doreen Virtue Mary Oracle deck, even though Virtue's turned against the occult and became born again, denouncing her past heathen pagan ways. I could have sworn I had more books on BVM apparitions.

Years ago I put together a free PDF e-book on Mary as Trickster on Lulu.com. You can download it here.

Speaking of apparitions, I recently completed this:

Apparition, acrylic and ink on canvas, 18" by 20"

Back to the Marian apparitions topic, I did this collage about a year ago:

Dollhouse People, digital collage

The collage was created by using a photograph of a pasture where I saw a dollhouse just sitting there in the middle of nowhere. I added the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, then played with the color on the computer.

And this of the Blessed Mary, done about a year ago:

UFO Mary, oil pastel on paper

I have a blog titled UFO-Mary, but due to Google-Blogspot password insanity, I can't access the blog.  Very frustrating! 

Sinister Spirit, acrylic on masonite, James Rich

This painting was done by my husband. I had posted it at my UFO-Mary blog. As someone commented, it has a Buddha like feeling. Jim and I both thought it looked like an abstracted goddess or BVM figure.

Samhain Dance, acrylic and ink on canvas, Regan Lee

I painted Samhain Dance last month, October, the witchy season. 

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