Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Medium Joe Diamond's Radio Experiment

 Mentalist and medium Joe Diamond was the guest on Coast to Coast the other night. I played along with the following: 

Host George Noory had Diamond guest what number between 1 and 5 he was thinking of. I thought "4" than said to myself, no, it's 3, wait, hmmm... no, it's 4. Want to say 3 but it's 4." 

Sure enough, Noory was thinking of 4. Brownie point for me because Diamond said he thought 4, then 3, then back to 4. Was I picking up on Diamond's though or Noory's? Or, both.

Later, Diamond did an exercise with the listening audience. We were to see how close we could come to see what Joe Diamond was envisioning. First thing: think of a location. I immediately thought/saw "beach" but then out thought myself, because I love the beach and always want to be there; it's my favorite location. So I thought "snow." White. 

Second instruction: think of a color. I thought blue; and white next to it. But blue predominantly.

Next, temperature. How does your body feel? I thought/felt cold, convinced "snow" was correct and also, I was cold, due to the blankets being off. 

Then, shapes. Two simple shapes. I saw a circle, with a box type shape stuck on top of it.

Turns out Diamond's scene was: a beach, hot, circle, pyramid, blue. 

Shows you how over thinking something can mess up your initial thought or vision. Overall though pretty good.

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