Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Debbie's Orange Orb UFO Diner


My dreaming mind:

A female relative of mine, a cousin? inherits a diner. Her name is Debbie. It's a cool looking diner, with a large counter and stools, lots of chrome, vinyl booths. Dome shaped, and huge picture windows all around. A diner in a fishbowl.  A happening place. It's two stories. Downstairs is the diner, upstairs are a few conference rooms. That's where I come in.

Debbie names the diner Debbie's Orange Orb UFO Diner. She appoints me Director of UFO Education and I'm in charge of the upstairs, arranging talks on the subject, workshops, etc. All to do with UFOs. 

On the diner's menu, is a blurb about "Don't forget to register for a talk in the Orange Orb room!" I post updates to the local paper. I have to add that I often post items I find interesting, but that doesn't mean I I always agree with them. I put it all out there open for discussion and debate and in general, to add to the data pile. The very large, huge, messy, tangled data pile.


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