Saturday, October 7, 2023

No One is Safe!: When Animals (and aliens) Invade

Items in recent news from the animal realm:

A rat unnerves a driver in New York.

The old legend about armadillos carrying the leprosy virus has resurfaced. As armadillos make their way in Florida, agencies are watching for signs of a leprosy outbreak.

Among the theories on how armadillos got into Florida in the first place, the old escaped from a circus/zoo explanation was offered.  (Adrianna Rodriguez,USA Today)

Bedbugs “are everywhere” in France. (Nathan Diller, USA Today)

Glowing Animals
A cool item about glowing animals. They’re more prevalent that one would think:

Fluorescence was most common and most intense among nocturnal species, the researchers found, but it was also present in diurnal animals, which are active during the daytime, including the mountain zebra and the polar bear.
“We didn’t know that so many mammals had glowing skin or glowing fur,” said Dr Kenny Travouillon, curator of mammalogy at the Western Australian Museum and the study’s lead author.

Weird Rabbit Aliens
I’ll leave you with this report from Lon Strickler on his Phantoms and Monsters blog about a witness who had a very weird experience involving a rabbit that wasn’t a rabbit. The witness also describes hearing from others with their own bizarre rabbit/alien/cryptid/ufo encounters. A subject I am very much interested in. Something about weird rabbits and the supernatural --can’t resist.

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