Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bio Fortean Bigfoot Synchronicity

Here's a bit of synchronicity; a very long day at work, and during a bit of down time, waiting in the darkened office with only the holiday lights glowing, feeling inspired and began a blog entry or article, not sure which yet, about my interest in Bigfoot. Both the flesh and blood and "paranormal" Bigfoot, and my opinion both exist. Whether or not they are the same thing or two different things I haven't decided.

Come home and check out the Anomalist, following its link to Scott Maruna's BioFort blog, where I found this item on Bigfoot and thought forms, tulpas and more.

Could Bigfoot Be Planarial Bad Memories?

And the disturbing thought that sharing the camp with us pro shape shifting/paranormal/anomalous/Fortean Bigfeet, are the likes of Jon Erik Beckjord. But whatever one thinks of him, at least he stands up for his convictions.

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