Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Twist on a meme

There are a few questions in UFO land that drive me crazy. First on the list is "Do you believe in UFOs?"

Another one is "Where have the UFOs gone?" Every few weeks or couple of months or so, a rash of articles appear with the same message: UFOs are dead, gone, they have ceased to be.

So when I read the title of this short item "Where have all the UFOs gone?" by someone named 'jp' I was prepared to get annoyed. But he/she isn't asking the question to spread disinfo and distraction (the purpose of the question "where have all the UFOs gone?") but rather, ponder the observation that much of the high strangeness factors of UFO encounters have apparently ceased.

It does seem that the weirder, and goofier, aspects of encounters and sightings has shifted. There don't seem to be as much of them nowadays.

As the writer wonders; does this signal a shift in "their" plan/appearances/messages/scenarios?

(Which begs the quesiton, just who, or what, are "they" anyway?)

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