Sunday, December 31, 2006


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A bit of More From Orthon; this time it’s synchronicity.

Ken Kesey, (author of Sometimes a Great Notion, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, etc.) lived around here. There’s a statue of him on the mall; lots of people who knew him, or say they knew him, all that stuff. Yesterday's item in the local paper, the Eugene Register-Guard, had
this little entry on Ken Kesey’s estate their efforts regarding “the bus:”
I don’t know if this opening sentence is intentional:

Dreams of getting author Ken Kesey's original psychedelic bus, Furthur, back on the road again have hit a pothole.

But it is appreciated.

Then I pick up my copy of Colin Bennett’s Looking for Orthon (his book on Adamski) and am amused to read this:

“ . . . prototype hippies arrived to empty the larder and spend their time contemplating the infinite than work. This was the time of Ken Kesey of course; and if Adamski had not been of a different generation to him and his followers, perhaps lights and amplifier would have strewn the sides of Mt. Palomar.

But not even Ken Kesey had spaceman dropping in uninvited for dinner. - (Looking for Othon p 50)

Related item: the news that Carl Sagan smoked pot. I like what

Greg Bishop, on his UFO Mystic blog
has to say about that, and asks the very good question: “why did Sagan remain such a “dick” about the UFO question?”

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Lesley said...

I think Sagan needed something a bit stronger than pot, a few tabs of acid maybe?
Which kind of reminds me that anyone interested in Kesey should read The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, which is one of my favorite books, ever!