Monday, December 18, 2006


Something is afoot with me and computers. I'd say, being the product (or victim, depending on ones perspective) of both a Jewish and a Roman Catholic upbringing, that this is happening so I don't get too happy over my new laptop. But I wouldn't say that.

Now it's my email: They told me it's an "outage" and there's estimate on when it'll be cleared up. They had problems a couple of weeks ago as well. I'd switch my links over to my Yahoo account, but I'm afraid it'll once again screw up the whole Blogger/Google/email thing. It did before, that's how I lost my original Orange Orb blog.

Try contacting me at my Yahoo account:

It's always a good back-up anyway.

Update: Here's an alternate blog site as well. After what's happened here, I'm not taking any chances. It's Orange Orb on Word Press, which is pretty good, so far. I'm just exploring it now. But, if need be, I'm all set over there.

I also had my money refunded from Go Daddy; I kept the domain but not the blog. Too messy to use and they never did put it up, even after a week.


Ray said...

Mac Tonnies at Posthuman Blues recently posted, saying that he is having problems with switching over to Beta. He thinks the problem is that his blog is too large.

I don't know why Blogger had to screw up a good thing.

Good move on your part, setting up another blog at Wordpress as a back-up.

You mentioned email problems. I've had them a few times, also. Recently someone emailed me and his message apparently vaporized along the way; I never got it. If this keeps up, bad email and blog service, I'll go back to zining via snail mail. It's pretty bad when the Post Office is more dependable than the Net.


rlee said...

Thanks Ray. I'm still looking around for all those things: server host, blog and website. Word Press is kind of nice, I have something called ghost host, I'm in contact with the guy and maybe that'll be a way to go.

I want it all, lol: easy, cheap, and fast, and will let me do what I want.